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Contact Us: 651.462.7800
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Why Choose Pfeiffer Chiropractic

Why Choose Pfeiffer Chiropractic

Pfeiffer Chiropractic in Wyoming, Minnesota began caring for patients in the community and neighboring areas such as Forest Lake, Stacy, Hugo, Chisago City, Lindstrom and East Bethel in 1996.

The Wyoming, MN chiropractic clinic was established as a family practice.  Over the years, we have successfully treated thousands of patients for various musculoskeletal conditions.  Headaches, low back pain, neck tension, scoliosis, sciatica, strains and sprains are common to our practice.  We confidently treat pregnancy issues such as backache and back labor.  Ear infections or childhood torticollis typical to pediatrics can be effectively managed with chiropractic.  Our geriatric population finds relief from arthritis, disc or spinal degeneration and age-related pain. In addition to spine related concerns, our training extends to the management of extremity problems.  Find help in our Wyoming, MN chiropractic clinic for foot concerns, tennis elbow and hip issues as well as many other ailments.

Additional training in sports injury has added a specialty to our office.  Whether you are a high school athlete dealing with an ankle sprain, a collegiate superstar managing a knee injury or a weekend warrior confronting a rotator cuff syndrome; our clinic caters to your physical health and well-being.

While chiropractic care can be effective treating short-term goals of reducing pain and suffering, many of our patients see us regularly for spinal check-ups.  Preventive and maintenance care improves quality of life.

Our philosophy of care is old-fashioned. We have developed a reputation for ‘taking the time’ and treating our patients fairly.  Our appointments on average are 2-3 times longer than our competitors.  Pfeiffer Chiropractic in Wyoming, MN will never push long, extended or lifetime treatment plans even though we strongly encourage regular care.  We won’t tout being the busiest or most famous or most popular.  Those don’t matter nearly as much to us as you do.  Our fees are reasonable and affordable.  Our niche is in our reputation.  Whether you are young, old or in-between; we talk and listen ensuring that your chiropractic care is customized just for you. 

We have enjoyed working with multiple generations in Wyoming, MN and the surrounding areas over the two decades of service.  We certainly hope to be the right chiropractic clinic for you and your family. 

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